She Leads Now Podcast Featuring Barb Smith

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Barb Smith visited the She Leads Now Podcast, hosted by Sabine Gedeon.  Sabine is a transformational Speaker, Author, and Coach.  

“Embrace the ups where you’re getting the trophy and you’re on the pedestal and you’re high, and embrace the lows where you’ve been hit and you’ve been knocked down. And embrace both of those because that’s what keeps you moving forward.” – Barb Smith

Listen in as we discuss –

🔥The need to build confidence and communication skills in young women, who have been particularly affected by the pandemic’s isolating effects.

🔥 The positive outcomes of teaching young athletes to use their voice, ask questions, and communicate effectively.

🔥 The role of sports in building confidence, competitiveness, and leadership, and how it can teach important life skills.

With nearly 20 years’ experience across various corporate HR disciplines, in addition to coaching and consulting, she is highly skilled in getting to the root of issues, and creating solutions to support growth and transformation, both personal and professional.

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Podcast: She Leads Now

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