Get In The Zone – How to Empower Yourself for Success in Your Dream to Play College Sports!

Get In The Zone Workshops are brought to you by two former college Division I coaches who share a passion for helping young people succeed in college. Their two companies, Find My Team and Next Step With Passion and Purpose, have partnered in their effort to share this unique and proven approach to playing college sports.

Their workshops and webinars are designed to empower high school student athletes and parents with the tools and resources necessary to navigate the challenging college recruiting process and the transition into college. Each student will gain knowledge, grow their confidence, and find their voice as they prepare for the unknowns of college life.


High school student athlete who dreams of playing college sports and wants the roadmap for a successful college recruiting process where they can find their ultimate fit and/or wants to know the best way to prepare for a smooth transition into college. This is the guidance you are looking for.

Parents of high school student athletes who want to make better sense of the college recruiting process. Be the support your student athlete depends on to find the right college choice so they can continue their education as well as their love of sport. Knowledge is power.

Student athletes who already know where they want to attend college, or have committed, and want to be fully prepared for one of the biggest changes and challenges in life – – college! Come and learn what you need to do now to be ready for that transition.

We’ll share stories of success, failures, and mistakes to help our audience understand the best approach and the vast possibilities to dealing with an athlete’s dream of playing college sports.

Be prepared for an engaging, powerful, and empowering workshop where you gain valuable insight, tools, resources, and knowledge to tackle this process with success!

Your student athlete’s future matters.


  • WHO: Parents and high school student athletes
  • WHEN: October 8, 2023
  • WHERE: Saint Ursula Academy, (1339 E McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45206)
  • TIME: 12:00 – 3:00pm EST
  • COST: $40/person (Snacks will be provided)
  • PARKING: Free

Contact us at for all group pricing inquiries.


  • Master the intricacies of the recruiting process and the truth about college sports.
  • Understand the void that exists between high school and college and learn how to elevate your college transition.
  • Rise above the common setbacks encountered by fellow athletes and families, paving your path as you empower yourself with wisdom and foresight.
  • Aquire the knowledge regarding our proprietary program and gear up for an extraordinary journey that sets you apart from the norm.
  • Gain insight into how your student athlete can thrive amidst the ever-changing evolution of college sports, harnessing their own potential with confidence.

For all other questions or concerns, please contact Barb Smith, or Willette White, by phone or email.

Barb Smith: 612-351-0052 / Email: hello@findmyteam

Willette White: 541-632-3320 / Email:

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