Find My Team Talks Recruiting and How to Own Your Future

Find My Team is known for giving personalized recruiting presentations to travel and high school programs. Recently, CEO Barb Smith visited All American Athlete Incorporated, based out of Missouri, to do a presentation about owning your future, including your recruiting process.

“I spent the morning with a great group of people! It takes commitment to be up early on a Saturday morning, during the summer, to work on both life and basketball skills. I admire these young women and their coaches for wanting to become better both on and off the court. When you work on your sport and develop life skills at the same time, you learn how to own your future.” – Barb Smith

“All American Athlete, Incorporated is about developing, giving direction, and inspiration. Everyone has to live life. Everyone deals with it in their own way. But we all need help and support. We had the honor and pleasure of “Find My Team” as our life-skill presenter. Barb Smith did a wonderful job helping, directing, and giving insights. Thanks so much. What you do is invaluable for youngsters and kids in our world and society.”  – Heywood Hunt. (Program director)

You don’t have to travel your recruiting journey alone. Find My Team has the resources and the guidance to help you.

If you would like a personalized team presentation, contact hello@findmyteam or schedule a phone call to talk to one of our experts to discuss your needs.

If you are looking for guidance regarding your personal recruiting situation, contact Find My Team with the same links above, and we can begin your journey with a clearer vision for you to find the right fit in a college situation.

The recruiting journey can be fun. When you invest in yourself, you invest in your future!

Barb Smith with the Northstar Basketball Club

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