Barb Smith Guests on the Freshman Foundation Podcast with Michael Huber

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How is Barb Smith helping female athletes develop the “armor” necessary to succeed in the recruiting process?

Navigating the college recruiting process has become extremely challenging in an ever-changing landscape. Technology, social pressure, and financial considerations are all critical influences that make recruiting very stressful.

It was an honor to be a guest on the Freshman Foundation Podcast with Michael Huber. Our conversation centered on how the student-athlete can and should own her process. She needs some guidance, a work ethic, and an open mind when it comes to the recruiting process. That’s exactly what Find My Team is designed to do.

From Michael Huber: 

So, what was your biggest takeaway from my conversation with Barb Smith?

For me, it’s that young athletes should take ownership of their recruiting process. It might be natural or easy for parents to lead the way for their child, but allowing the student-athlete to take the lead will likely result in the best possible outcome.

My suggestion to high school student-athletes is to own your recruiting process. First, understand your priorities in selecting a college program. Second, take the lead in managing your own process because college coaches will take notice.

I want to thank Barb for her kind generosity and the wisdom she shared with The Freshman Foundation Community.

Listen to the Full Freshman Foundation Podcast

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