[Video] How Can High School Students Prepare for College? How Can Parents Help?

Parents do a lot for their children, especially because of sports.  But are they doing enough to help prepare their children for college?  What are some things they can do to empower their child while they are still in high school?

Here is one expert’s opinion when it comes to helping teens prepare for college. 

Dr. Yolanda Bruce Brooks is a thought leader, author, motivational speaker, and expert in transitioning. She is the founder and principal of Sports Life Transitions Programs, a highly successful organization whose mission is to transform unhealthy, counterproductive mindsets of those seeking to improve their life circumstance or enhance performance.   

Dr. Brooks emphasizes the importance and value of establishing healthy balance and boundaries in the intersection where life meets sports. As a former athlete, she can relate to many challenges experienced by athletes and consequently offers a unique sports perspective.  

she has expanded her programming and now includes mental health education and wellness seminars for youth sports parents, student athlete middle school through college and wellness focused individuals. 

For more information about Sports Life Transitions and to learn more about Dr Yolanda Bruce Brooks, visit https://www.sportslifetransitions.com/ 

Head shot of Dr. Yolanda Bruce Brooks

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