[Video] Want to Empower Your Child? Try to Get Out of the Way

In today’s world, parenting is difficult. It is tough to discipline, motivate, encourage, keep safe, support, and keep your children engaged when there is so much added pressure to perform in sports, live up to how girls are supposed to look and act on social media, stay safe in a world that is more vulnerable than in the past, and to keep up with school.

Parents love their children and want what’s best for them. They would do anything for them. But could this be taken too far?

Could parents actually disempower their children in attempting to empower them?

What does it look like when parents disempower versus empower their children? What approach should they take?

In this video, our expert, Larisa Makuch – CEO of Abundance Academy, shares her expertise on empowerment. She describes what parents can do to ensure their daughters grow up as strong people who can make a difference with their lives.

Head shot of Larisa Makuch

Larisa Makuch is the CEO of Abundance Academy. She has dedicated her life to helping high-achieving individuals have a rich, empowering and fulfilling life. Her mission is to help people radically expand their lives by revolutionizing how people think and empowering them to make courageous choices.

Larisa is a savvy, sought-after author, speaker, master results coach, trainer and educator. She holds designations as a Certified Consultant with Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Master Results Coach, Master of Time Line Therapy, Trainer and Institute Head of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy. She is author of the upcoming “Stop Procrastinating Your Life Away: Discover The Secrets to More Time, Money and Freedom” book, is regularly featured in media and holds regular events to serve her global community.

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