Top Tips for Student Athletes – How to Make the College Recruiting Process Work for You

Do you have questions about the college recruiting process? Many students feel overwhelmed and under informed with today’s recruiting.  It’s hard to find the right guidance and information.

That’s why Find My Team is so passionate about helping you find the right fit in a college experience. Everyone can find their fit.  

Find My Team had the opportunity to speak with former coaches, parents and players about their experiences and journeys. They all are extremely successful in their current and former careers. 

Every situation is different, but there are some universal tips to think about as you travel through the process. 

Minnesota Get In The Zone Event Panel of Experts


  1. Tracy Buford – former coach, athlete, and parent of student athletes
  2. James Fassett – high school coach, club coach, and former college coach
  3. Faith Johnson-Patterson – high school coach, club coach, and former college athlete
  4. Kiara Buford – former high school coach and college athlete
  5. Elynn Adelmann – former club coach and college athlete
  6. Brian Cosgriff – high school and club coach

Don’t leave it to chance.  Get the guidance you need. Schedule a free session with Find My Team 

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