[Quiz] – Recruiting Quiz #1

How Much Do You Know About the College Recruiting Process?  

When Can You Start Calling College Coaches?

a. Only during the senior year in high school

b. Anytime

c. The first day of class beginning junior year in high school

d. As soon as high school begins

When Can You First Visit a College Campus on Your Own?

a. When I become a junior

b. When a college coach invites me

c. Never

d. Anytime as long as I pay for it

What Is a Core Course?

a. A class that counts toward college eligibility

b. A class about working on my core

c. A class that does not count toward graduation

d. One of 10 classes I need for college

When Can Your Parents Call College Coaches?

a. After I have initiated calls with coaches

b. Once I begin high school

c. Only after a college coach calls them

d. Anytime

When Should You Begin the Recruiting Process?

a. When a coach contacts me and offers me a scholarship

b. When I begin my senior year

c. As early as I can 

d. After I graduate high school

See the answers below.

Young woman smiling, lying in the grass and resting her chin on a soccer ball


1. b

2. d

3. a

4. d

5. c

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