Four Areas to Consider When Preparing for Competitions

There are four very important areas to think about while you prepare for competitions and improve as an athlete.

Female athlete in black sportswear, yellow shoes and water bottle running stairs

Fitness Level

It’s important to get yourself in the best shape possible. Not only do you perform better when you are in shape, but you also prevent injury. Every sport will be a little different in how the athletes are trained, but having a base level of conditioning is necessary.  

How can you improve your fitness level?

Female volleyball athlete in blue t-shirt and sunglasses working outside on her passing

Skill Level 

If you love the sport you play, this should be a fun one. Master the skill. Master your sport. Train with a purpose. Your improvement, especially if you are looking to play in college, depends on your skill level and your commitment to improving.

What can you do today to improve your skill?

Female in white tank top eating salad with a tomato on her fork


What are you eating? It’s important to eat healthily and to give your body the best chance to perform at its highest levels. Nutrition plays a major role in how you perform, recover, and improve as an athlete.

What are you fueling your body with?

Female boxer with gray gloves and white towel around her neck looking focused

The Mental Game

This is probably the most neglected area athletes pay attention to. Your mind is either a HUGE advocate or obstacle, and it’s up to you to decide which one holds true. Developing your mind and your mental toughness takes work, training and practice.

How are you helping yourself gain a mental edge?

What’s at stake? Everything. Work on yourself today.

If you need more help in any of these areas, reach out to us at and we’ll help you set a plan for improvement.

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