[Event] Understanding Leadership: Finding Your Voice


In this Find My Team Conversation, we host Jackie Derr, a thought-leader and leadership advocate who explains how student-athletes can better find their voices when it comes to leadership.

Leadership is not for everyone. It takes courage and comes with lots of responsibility.

Jackie helped establish the High Impact Peer Program which is dedicated to developing leadership and self-confidence. Students participate in the program and then bring what they have learned back to their classmates in hopes of educating
and promoting change. This program has served thousands of students.

Jackie is in her 24th year of teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in Ohio. She has also coached for 25+ years at different levels, including youth, junior high, and high school.

Jackie is a former high school athlete who played tennis, cross country, basketball, and softball.

“I became a teacher because I want to make a positive impact on the lives of my students just like my dad did as a teacher, and like so many of my former teachers did for me. The school setting allows me to be a role model, share life lessons beyond the classroom, be someone’s cheerleader, make someone’s lightbulb shine, and help ideas become reality. I know kids come from so many different backgrounds and home environments, which makes it rewarding to be able to help every student achieve success and learn about respect, anti-bullying, teamwork, and communication skills.”
 – Jackie Derr

Jackie obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Education with Computer emphasis/vocational certification and a master’s degree in Educational Technology from the University of Toledo. As an educator, she has been part of the Teacher Advisory Group for Pitsco, a member of the Ultimaker Pioneer Club for 3D printing, and an Educator Ambassador for MatterHackers. Her teaching career has allowed her to present at several national conferences and at an international conference in the areas of STEM and 3D printing. In 2020, Jackie was named the Teacher of The Year and continues to gain recognition for the work she does.

Jackie’s commitment to student welfare, leadership, and confidence is well documented and commendable.

In her free time, Jackie enjoys creating furniture, playing in a softball league, and being on the water. Fun fact: Jackie is the proud aunt of 34 nieces and nephews!

Jackie Derr cutting down the basketball net after a championship

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