[Event] The Mental Health Informed Coach: Be Empowered

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Calling All Coaches

Please join us when we host Beth Lorell, our mental health expert, in the next Find My Team Conversation. Mental Health is one of the most important topics today when discussing high school and college athletes. 

We are coming through a horrific pandemic and athlete mental health is highlighted in the news and on athletic teams every day.  

Depression, anxiety, disordered eating, sleep disturbances, and suicide are all on the rise. 

Females are at greater risk. Learn why.

We’ll also learn the statistics, signs, the problem areas and what to do about these as coaches. 

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There’s never been more clarity on this issue: the mental health of your athletes has a major impact on performance and well-being. Beth Lorell teaches mental health awareness and communication strategies customized specifically for coaches. The
goal is to create a positive culture around mental health and prepare coaches to notice and respond effectively when they suspect a student-athlete is struggling or in distress.  

Beth has a background in clinical social work and public health. For more than 20 years, she has helped individuals overcome the effects of anxiety, depression and trauma so they can live their best lives. Beth has worked on the front lines and in leadership
positions in both suburban and inner city communities.  

Beth has experience as a competitive amateur athlete and understands the connection between mental health and performance. She helps coaches gain confidence to support athlete mental health while they pursue performance excellence. An organization can
champion mental health and promote a culture of well-being while running a thriving, elite sports program. 

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