[Event] Meetup With Find My Team and Next Step

Find My Team and Next Step, With Passion and Purpose are back together to bring you an exclusive event!

Student-athletes and parents, are you concerned about the recruiting process and the college transition? What are those concerns?

Learn how to find your fit and go from dependency to relative independence.

Get to know Find My Team and Next Step and learn about our Get In The Zone Series!

It’s a meetup! Gain the edge and the advantage!

Join us. Bring your questions, meet other people, and let’s discuss the challenges you are facing.


1.  Get to know Find My Team and Next Step.

2.   Ask questions and learn from others.

3.  Learn how to overcome your recruiting challenges.

4.  Make sure what you are doing right now is preparing you for college. 

Find your college fit by planning your recruiting process in detail and preparing for that collegiate first year.

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