Barb Smith Visits Tip Talking Tuesday with Willette White

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Barb Smith, CEO of Find My Team, and Willette White, CEO of Next Step With Passion and Purpose, got together for a conversation about the college athletic recruiting process and the transition to college.

“I love working with Willette. She is extremely passionate, as am I, about helping young female athletes own their recruiting process and learn the tools necessary to make a smooth transition into college once the choice is made.” – Barb Smith

Barb and Willette go back a long way, back to the days when Barb was a college student-athlete at The Ohio State University.

“Willette was one of my coaches when I attended college, and she made a huge difference in my own transition from high school to being a college athlete. I didn’t realize what a huge difference high school and college would be in both academics and sports.” –  Barb Smith

First, you have to find the right fit in a college, and then you have to prepare yourself for the transition as a college student-athlete. Most student-athletes go into both of these processes without a plan for success.

If high school student-athletes realized how much their college choice and subsequent transition process affected their future, they would take more time and be very serious about the decisions made throughout both of these processes.

If you need help or would like some personal guidance with your recruiting process or the transition into college, contact us at Find My Team or Next Step, With Passion and Purpose.

Let us know where you are in your process and how you would like us to help. If you don’t know, that’s okay, too. We’ll dive in with you and help you understand the next steps.

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