3 Huge Differences Between High School & College

1. Academics

In college, professors will not remind you after class that you have a reading assignment due for the next class. They will expect you to read the syllabus and know the assignments that are due. Invest in a planner, whether it is a physical one or on your phone, and enter ALL of the dates from the syllabus of every class. Be prepared going in. College academics are more intense than high school, and you cover more in less time.

Time Management

In college, you will have time management challenges. You may have nights where all of your classes have fifty pages of reading or papers due on the same day, or week. You may also have to study after a game, travel or another event that you are required to attend. Use ALL of your free time wisely.

2. Sports

In college, your sport becomes a bigger part of your life than before. You will train harder and more frequently than in high school. Expectations will be high. Practices will occur more frequently and, sometimes, for longer hours. You will also be expected to work and train on your own. Your diet may become more of a focus for you because your body is going to need constant refueling.

Everyone Was the Best

Most players, in college, were once the best on their teams. This can create anxiety but can also work as a driving force to make you and your teammates work harder to earn a spot. Do not forget that hard work pays off and, if you want a spot, expect to work to earn it.

Understanding Your Role

Your role may completely change from what you experienced in high school or with your travel/club teams. If you are ever unsure of your role, do not be afraid to ask your coach. Once you understand your role, contributing to the team in a positive way becomes easier.

3. Social Life

College is about finding yourself and figuring out who you are before you venture out into the real world. It’s about finding new friends. However, there is less time for social life in college, especially in your first year. But you will learn how to manage it as you get older, just like you did in high school.


The level of independence you have is immensely different in college compared to in high school. There are no parents at college to do your laundry, remind you to do homework, make meals for you or tell you to be home at a certain time. You will be on your own, and it will be your responsibility to take care of yourself.

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