[Video] The Assistant Coaches Role in Relationship Building on Teams

All coaches are busy, and most have “winning” as the main priority, no matter what level we’re talking about. However, the role of an assistant coach can make all the difference, especially when it comes to relationship-building on teams.

When watching competitions in any sport, it’s easy to identify when teams are not in sync. They make unforced mistakes, there are breakdowns in structures and plays, basic maneuvers look hard or unrehearsed, and players don’t look confidentĀ or together. This usually points to the fact that there are breakdowns in relationships.

All high-performing teams have team relationships that work. They have figured out a way to work together to win. Their relationships are solid enough, especially during competition, to come together for one purpose.

Jocelyn Hoselton, an assistant coach from Monticello Public Schools in Minnesota, explains how she has the opportunity to make a large impact with relationship building on the team she coaches and explains why it is so important.

More information about relationship-building can be found in the book “Beyond the Talent: Profile of a Winning Team” by Barb Smith.

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