[Video] Advice to Share with Families About Diversity and Inclusion During the Recruiting Process

Everyone, at some point or another, deals with issues of racism, diversity, inclusion, and equality. Athletics should be a place that highlights the effectiveness of teamwork and success, without regard for differences.

However, in athletics, we still see the same failures that exist in almost every other profession. Athletics can and should be the example that sheds light on these issues.

During the recruiting process, student-athletes and parents need information about the positions of colleges, coaches, and programs so that they can find a college that provides a safe space for their daughters, regardless of their own differences or the differences they will encounter in college.

Coaches of high school athletes can help families formulate the questions necessary to find out details about DEI and racism. Families who have this support will make better decisions in the recruiting process.

Former college athlete and coach, China Antoine, shares her opinion on the subject.

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