[Video] Is There Life After Coaching?

Coaching can be one of the most rewarding professions to choose as a career. It can also be one of the most challenging.

No matter where you are in your career, or how long you have been coaching, the last couple of years have been tough. Many college and high school coaches are leaving their jobs.

Upset women's basketball coach with hands on his head

The stress on coaches is on the rise. There are more mental health issues among student-athletes. Parents want more control. Administrators are not always supportive. Racial issues are prominent. There is more violence at games. Sportsmanship is declining. This is only the short list of issues coaches now face as leaders for their teams.

Yet, it seems scary to leave coaching, especially if it is all you have ever done. Where do you go from here? What could you possibly do after coaching? Many coaches will stay in their current jobs because they can’t find the answers to questions like these.

If you are contemplating leaving coaching, this video is for you.

Former college coach Sheryl Estes explains her thoughts on leaving the coaching profession and what happens next.

Sheryl’s Business

Sheryl is an entrepreneur who is one of the co-owners of boxLIFE, a company that transforms shipping containers into entertainment suites at sporting events.

It all started in 2014 when two entrepreneurial-minded women blossomed their friendship into a tangible company idea that would change not only their lives, but all of our lives for the better. With a background in playing and coaching college basketball, Jane’t Howey and Sheryl Estes had been longtime friends in the same social circles for years.

When recycled shipping containers were first making their appearance in the U.S., both Jane’t and Sheryl’s wheels were turning. Sheryl recently had an apartment complex burn down and was looking to replace it with a shipping container structure. Jane’t had three sons headed to college and thought of the containers as the perfect venue for affordable housing near campus.

After a chat by the bonfire in Jane’t’s backyard, the two embarked on starting boxLIFE together. Founded in 2014, boxLIFE has become a formidable brand in upcycled shipping containers. The team has worked with top brands across the country, big and small.

Sheryl believes that if you want to leave coaching, there is another opportunity out there waiting for you.

An example of a boxLIFE shipping container remade into a food site

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