How Coaches Can Improve the Mindset of Their Players

How can you help your players gain confidence throughout the season as opposed to losing it? Is it possible to critique and coach in a way that gets results but doesn’t tear down the athlete you are trying to improve?

Larisa Makuch, CEO of Abundance Academy, explains how to better engage your players to hear you and to also make the adjustments without losing confidence.

This video gives a few tips on how to become a coach that empowers the student athletes.

Larisa Makuch in a blue dress

Larisa Makuch has dedicated her life to helping high-achieving individuals have a rich, empowering and fulfilling life. Her mission is to help people radically expand their lives by revolutionizing how people think and empowering them to make courageous choices.

Larisa is a savvy, sought-after author, speaker, master results coach, trainer and educator. She holds designations as a Certified Consultant with Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Master Results Coach, Master of Time Line Therapy, Trainer and Institute Head of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy. She is author of the upcoming “Stop Procrastinating Your Life Away: Discover The Secrets to More Time, Money and Freedom” book, is regularly featured in media, and holds regular events to serve her global community.

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