[Event] Best Strategies for Communicating with College Coaches During the Recruiting Process


There are lots of ways to communicate with college coaches. Listen to a former college coach talk about what works and what does not.

Former College Coach, Erik Johnson, discusses what college coaches look for in communication from recruits:

"I look forward to connecting with student athletes, parents and coaches to talk about communication with college coaches. I know that many families are nervous about how to reach out in the most effective ways, so I am excited to work with FindMyTeam on this important topic." – Erik Johnson

Erik Johnson spent 24 years coaching division I women's basketball, most recently as the head coach at Boston College in the ACC. Before that, Erik was the head coach at the University of Denver. He also served as an assistant coach at Boston College, University of San Diego, and University of Rhode Island. Erik played college basketball at the University of California at San Diego where he majored in Psychology and minored in Teacher Education. He also has a masters degree in Education from the University of Rhode Island.

After pivoting out of collegiate athletics, Erik is now coaching and recruiting in the business world. As a Managing Director at The Bulfinch Group, Erik now connects people with their optimal career path and helps them reach their full potential.

With 24 years of recruiting experience in college sports and now transitioning to recruiting in the business world, Erik knows first hand what communication techniques work when trying to connect with people.

Your take-a-ways! 

  1. You will understand how communication works in college recruiting.
  2. You will learn the best techniques for reaching the coaching staff at the colleges you are interested in.
  3. You will learn what to do when colleges do not respond back to you.
  4. Learn the best way to initiate communication with college coaches.

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