Barb Smith Visits The Wellness Driven Life Show with April Chavez

Recently, Barb Smith was invited to be a guest speaker on The Wellness Driven Life Show. 

Barb Smith shares how building community is the key to personal and professional success. She discusses how “teamsmanship” creates a sense of overall wholeness and purpose in life, and how we can all benefit from paying attention to the communities we’re a part of.

Barb has been working on and with teams ever since, and continues to be an advocate for inspiring peak performance on all kinds of teams.   

“What we learn from participating on teams has a direct relationship to how we engage in life outside of sports.” – Barb Smith

The Wellness Driven Life Show is hosted by April Chavez and can be accessed via her website or directly on the Youtube Channel.  

April is a mother of three beautiful miracle daughters and a past Police Officer. Diagnosed with Lupus at age fifteen and has had symptoms since birth, she is a Survivor. Viking of Hiking. Talk Show Host. Microphone Maven.


April Chavez home page photo for the Wellness Driven Life Show

The Wellness Driven Life Show, with April Chavez.

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