Premium Student Package

Premium Student Package - $2,399

Your recruiting journey is unique to you. There are no two recruiting journeys the same. This package offers a personal coach to partner with you from start to finish giving you the assistance you need, both in setting up your plan and then guiding you through the process. No matter what year you are when you first begin, we'll be there the entire time.

(Recommended for grades 10-12)

Student Athlete Quote: 

Find my team helped my realize what was most important to me. I had no idea where to begin, but I had help each step of the way. By the end, I was figuring it out on my own. I found MY team! It feels so good to be decided and happy with my choice. - Lily (California)

What's Included?

  • 30-minute initial interview and needs assessment
  • PCM6+ Player Assessment - a tool that identifies what you want in your college experience
  • Customized recruiting plan with a personal coach
  • 45-minute monthly progress calls
  • Learning the recruiting rules
  • Guidance on academics, eligibility and financial aid
  • Setting up communication with college coaches
  • College visit prep
  • Helping find majors or areas of study
  • Finding college fit
  • Setting up influence circles
  • Organizing game and highlight films 

This package gives you insight from start to finish.  

How to get started: 

  1. Schedule your appointment through our scheduling tool - hit the link below.
  2. Have an initial conversation to discuss this package.
  3. If it's a fit with your needs, we'll confirm and bill you for the package. 

Scheduling Tool: Schedule your free appointment to initiate your package

Find Your Fit!

Take our assessment to help you find the best college and team fit for you.

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