Full Circle Coaching Package

Full Circle Package - $2995 


This coaching package takes student-athletes through the entire process from the beginning of the recruiting process through the transition into college. It is a 360-degree program designed to assist the student-athlete and her family to not only tackle the confusing recruiting process but also to set the athlete up for success once she begins making that transition into college.

You don't know what you don't know, and we can help fill those knowledge gaps.

(Recommended for grades 10-12)

What's Included?

Everything found in the Premium Student Package

  • Help you in figuring out what you want out of a college experience
  • Assistance in identifying possible majors and areas of study
  • Help with setting up a personalized recruiting plan
  • A step-by-step guide through the process
  • Personal assistance every step of the way - a guide to call on
  • Help with narrowing and researching colleges
  • Help with final decisions

In addition, it includes a 360-degree program that allows the student-athlete and her parents to have the readiness and preparation for the transition when she gets on campus.

  • Equip the student-athlete and the parents with the transitory tools to excel and prepare for the uncertainties ahead
  • Maximize confidence and awareness so she can handle the challenges and pitfalls she’ll encounter in the early months of college and be able to thrive there
  • Help her become an immediate asset for the program she chooses by learning how to maximize her abilities and opportunities at college

The Full Circle package combines the Premium Package with 7 weeks of transitional training and 6 months of assistance as the student-athlete moves into her college experience.

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  • We'll answer your questions by email and see if you would like to move forward with this package or another one.

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