[Guide] 8 Tips to Positively Affect Your Recruiting Process

Below are some quick tips for making the recruiting process more positive and proactive.   

  1. Be Honest With Yourself

    • Be honest about your level of play.

  2. Be Honest With College Coaches

    • Be honest with college coaches about where you stand in the process.

  3. Communicate Directly With College Coaches

    • Communicate directly with coaches instead of letting someone else do it.

  4. Make Your Own Decisions

    • Make the process yours. Own it!

  5. Do Your Own Research

    • Put a plan together and do the work.

    • The more knowledge you have, the easier the decisions are.

  6. Respond as Quickly as You Can to Coaches

    • When coaches initiate, respond as soon as you can.

    • If you are not interested in them, tell them, but always respond.

  7. Be Responsible for Your Actions

    • If you say you are going to do something, do it.

    • Coaches want to know you are responsible and dependable.

  8. Always Be Polite and Appreciative

    • Always say please and thank you to college coaches and to those helping you.

    • The recruiting process is hard, and you need help navigating it.