Premium Family Package

Premium Family Package - $3,499

This package is for families with more than one daughter playing sports. This package spells it out step by step so that parents become part of the process. Every family has different needs and different circumstances. We'll work with the family to help set up a plan and be proactive and productive during the recruiting journey.  

(Recommended for parents of athletes in grades 10-12)

What's Included? 

Everything in the premium students package, plus the following: 

  • 30-minute initial interview with the parent or guardian
  • 30-minute monthly check-in calls as needed
  • Q&A just for the parents
  • Understanding academics, eligibility and financial aid
  • Helping parents become an advocate for each child
  • Helping set up an individual plan for each child

Having a parent's support throughout the recruiting process is important for the student athlete. This package empowers the parents to be the sounding board for their daughter. 

How to get started: 

  1. Schedule your appointment through our scheduling tool - hit the link below.
  2. Have an initial conversation to discuss this package.
  3. If it's a fit with your needs, we'll confirm and bill you for the package. 

Scheduling Tool: Schedule your free appointment to initiate your package

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